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DVLA Licence Checkig

DVLA Licence Checking

DVLA Licence checkingStatistics highlight that over 8 million UK drivers have 3 or more points on their licence, plus the authorities will check the licence of any driver who is involved in a serious or fatal road traffic accident.

If you don’t regularly check or verify your employees’ driving licences you are failing in your corporate duty of care under the Health and Safety at Work Act. Your company risks unlimited fines if you cause or permit a driver to drive on company business without a valid licence entitlement for the type of vehicle driven.

Employee driver checks should be an essential part of every business's risk assessment policy. It is recommended that driving licence verification using the DVLA system should achieve a minimum of 1 check per driver every 24 months. In the event that a driver has 4 or more endorsement points on their licence then the licence checks will be conducted every 12 months. In the event that a driver has 7 or more endorsement points on their licence or any driver has received a driving ban within the last 11 years, then it is recommended that these licences are checked every 6 months. Typically take 10 working days from the date received to be processed.