Fleet Training

We have an increasingly holistic view about driver risk management and are continually investing in the development of new national services to maintain our position at the forefront of this core, safety critical aspect of modern life.

Current Health and Safety regulations make it a requirement for employers to extend their duty of care for workplace safety to those who drive for work purposes and the occupational risks attached. FleetMaster have a range of training courses designed to meet this duty of care through embedding the highest standards of advanced operating skills and knowledge whilst addressing behavioural attributes, all of which directly impact the number of incidents that an employer will deal with and associated costs annually. As every employer is unique, it is essential that the solutions and blend of training provided is also tailored to ensure maximum (optimum) results can be achieved. Contact FleetMaster today to discuss with one of our fleet specialist how a tailored approach could help you to:

  • Drive down the costs of maintaining vehicles
  • Drive up operating efficiency and reduce fuel spend
  • Minimise driver risk
  • A reduction in incidents
  • Reduced third party claims and lost time of employees
  • Build a culture of safety awareness across vehicle operations
  • Protect the Brand
  • Positively influence your environmental commitments through reduced CO2 emissions


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  • Btec Level 3 in Advanced Driving
    Delivered over 4 hours with 3 presentations, 2 assessment drives and 1 advanced commentary drive.
  • Large Van Inductions
    Assessed on a 2 hour one to one assessment drive including a vehicle walk around check and vehicle manoeuvring. Candidates receive a 2 hour presentation about road safety.
  • Fleet Inductions
    6 or more candidates are assessed on a 1 hour one to one assessment drive for including a vehicle walk around check and receive a 2 hour presentation about road safety.
  • 1 to 1 Assessment
    Delivered on a one to one basis including a vehicle walk around check, assessment drive and a 2 hour presentation about road safety approximately 3 hours.
  • Eco-Driving & Post Accident
    Delivered on a one to one basis including a structured assessment towards the candidates needs lasting 2 hours.
  • Chauffeur Driver Assessments
    The programme will run as follows:
    • 1000 - Arrive/check in and tea/coffee/biscuits
    • 1015 - Classroom workshop & Road/track safety briefing
    • 1115 - On road commentary drive - Practical (2 per car)
    • 1300 - Buffet lunch
    • 1330 - Dynamic handling component - Practical (2 per car)
    • 1430 - De-brief and Certificates
    • 1500 - Departure
  • Licence Acquisition (Cat B)
    If you want to take driving lessons and pass your test quickly, then why not take them with the driving school that get results. We have some of the highest qualified instructors in the UK.
  • Compliance Management
    Fleetmaster will be responsible for managing, planning and coordinating the company's transport operation and 'O' licence, including delivery and organisational services
  • Bespoke Training
    Fleetmaster can tailor any course to suit your employees' and company's requirements.