LGV Training

Fleetmaster are industry experts in working with fleets to ensure that operator skill is maintained to an exceptional level and safety is at the heart of the driving operation. The Fleetmaster approach to training is to work in true partnership with employers to plan and implement effective national training strategies that maximise benefit whilst minimising the costs and disruption to operations.

Fleetmaster are specialists in Safe and Fuel Efficient driver training and Behavioural techniques. Our training is expertly designed to positively impact not only the driver skill but also has a clear focus on behavioural factors that are proven to directly impact driving styles reducing the risk that shrouds vehicle operations.

Fleetmaster nationally employ a highly skilled training team that are specialists in LGV training and operate at the forefront of the ever changing new vehicle technology. Our training team are highly experienced in interpreting telematics data that is often available to focus the impact of developmental training to maximise the benefits received by the individual.

  • New Driver Induction
  • Driver Assessments
  • Post-incident
  • SAFED and other Eco-based training
  • Shunter Training
  • Digital Tacho Graph Training
  • Close Quarter/Slow Speed Manoeuvring
  • FLT
  • Driver Based Apprenticeships
  • Traffic Planning Apprenticeships

Well trained vehicle operators are proven to add high value to operations, Employers with a well planned proactive approach to training can expect to benefit from:

  • Increased operating efficiency
  • Reductions in unnecessary vehicle maintenance
  • Reduced incidents and lost time injuries
  • Fewer third party claims
  • A reduction in CO2 emissions and fuel spend
  • Minimised driver risk
  • Protection of the brand