Data Analysis

 Data AnalysisFMO is designed to upload fuel transaction data from a variety of sources. The system cleanses and validates the data in to specific detail to enable businesses to manage their data.

Fuel is becoming more expensive due to shortages through worldwide concerns over security of supply. FleetMaster and its employees are dedicated to assisting YOU in effectively managing this natural resource.

You cannot control that which is not accurately measured; therefore improving fuel consumption makes sound commercial sense. Typically fuel costs can account for up to 40% of the total operating costs of a fleet. However, fuel costs are not fixed overheads and they can vary according to many factors such as vehicle type (including vehicle specification), driving style, seasonal influences and operational profile.

Our fuel efficiency experts work with customers to ensure fuel transaction data is accurately reported. This is done in the first instance by cleansing data and then working with operators to put in place systems that will eliminate errors. Using the accurate data generated by the FMO system, our fuel efficiency experts work with our customers to implement proven fuel saving interventions, which will significantly improve fuel efficiency over an agreed period of time. FleetMasters’ fuel efficiency experts are available to implement fuel saving interventions using their vast industry experience backed up by accurate data analysis from FMO.