Fleetmaster AFV Safety Forum

Dated: 08 Aug, 2023

Fleetmaster would like to thank all those who attended the Fleetmaster AFV Safety Forum on 21st July 2023. The day was a great success, and we are extremely grateful for all of the wonderful people that attended the event.

Those who attended made the event and our jobs very enjoyable by being the great, respectful and knowledgeable people that you always are. We hope that you had a great and informative time.

For the morning of the event, we were in Dewsbury Rams’ Royal Suite where we had the great opportunity to listen to the knowledge and experience of David Petts from Ford, Steve Winter from Appleridge Consultancy Ltd, James Rooney from Network Rail and Matthew Harris from Centrica. The attendees and staff thoroughly enjoyed the talks from the keynote speakers and the information was truly invaluable as we look to move towards Zero Emissions in our industry. A huge thank you to those who spoke!

In the afternoon we then moved outside where there were various vehicle displays and activities for our attendees to experience. Another huge thank you to all who supplied vehicles for the event. It was a great chance for the attendees to learn more about, and also experience, electric vehicles. Below this article you can see some images from the vehicles we had on display on the day!

Finally, thank you so much for the positive feedback we have received from the event! It means the world to us that not only did you attend, but that you also really enjoyed the day and took the time to let us know about it! You can read some of the kind comments below as well as some advice from Steve Winter for those transitioning to Alternatively Fuelled Vehicles.

“You will need to carefully plan your journey to zero carbon and there could be many ways to achieve this goal, the detailed TCO model is a tried and tested way to determine the most suitable technology and the ideal time-frame to work towards.” – Steve Winter.

“Thank you for the event you organised on Friday and the hospitality you extended. I found it informative, useful and engaging – a really good group of both speakers and attendees.” – John Steel, Brake The Road Safety Charity.

“I really enjoyed the event! A really diverse audience and I learnt a great deal from fleets regarding their journey to BEV adoption sharing their candid experiences with all.” – David Petts, Ford

“Always a pleasure to be in the company of Fleetmaster, and glad I could have been of help!” – James Rooney, Network Rail.

“Thank you for organising and hosting a fantastic AFV Safety Forum. I certainly enjoyed the day; great content and an excellent networking opportunity.” – Stefan Szrama, Mitie.

“Thank you for today, I found it one of the most useful fleet events. Really informative. Well done.” – Yvonne Cannon, SMS.

“Brilliant Day!” – Gareth Jones, Speedy Services.

Below are some pictures from the day.


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