Fleet & Mobility Live 2023

Dated: 09 Oct, 2023

We had the pleasure of listening to two of the leading forces in Fleet Zero-Emissions transition in James Rooney and Stefan Szrama, from our friends at Network Rail and Mitie, at the Fleet & Mobility Live 2023 event. It is always a pleasure to be in the company of James and Stefan, and it was a great opportunity for the Fleet & Mobility Live attendees to learn about the Zero-Emissions transition and the best ways to implement the vehicle changeovers.

The talks began with James Rooney from Network Rail.

James took the time to explain in detail the differences in transitioning cars compared to vans, highlighting the different advantages and challenges in getting your fleet on board for Zero-Emissions vehicles.

He placed a lot of emphasis on both practical training (especially for vans) and also self-learning when making the change to an Electric Vehicle. He explained that training not only increases the safety and knowledge of drivers in getting comfortable and used to Electric Vehicles, but that doing as much research and receiving as much training as you can also takes a lot of the fear out of experiencing change – which Electric Vehicles are a big change for the majority of fleets and drivers.

At Fleetmaster, we have provided Network Rail with many training avenues, such as practical on-road training, e-Learning and also classroom sessions, to ensure that their drivers are both safe and comfortable in their new vehicles.

The talks continued with Stefan Szrama at Mitie.

Stefan spoke about their plan for EV transition and reiterated the need to be flexible with your approach to the Zero-Emissions goal. To support Mitie’s strategy, Fleetmaster created several bespoke e-Learning packages, for the core light commercial electric vehicles that Mitie were introducing. Given that 52% (3,770) of Mitie’s fleet is now fully electric, their hard work and dedication to achieve their Plan Zero goal must be commended!

Stefan also echoed James’ approach that getting as many people on-side and educated at the start of the process is critical, as removing the fear of a big change goes a long way in implementing your plan. Training your drivers through the process also increases the safe and efficient operation of the new electric vehicles. Stefan explained that when a driver receives a new vehicle it should be an exciting experience for them, so removing fear of change and improving knowledge ensures you keep that experience an exciting and positive one!


Fleetmaster are here to help your Fleet’s transition process with practical on-road, e-Learning and classroom sessions. If you would like to book training or make an enquiry, please get in touch at enquiries@fleetmastergroup.com or call us on 01924 416624.

Together, we can charge towards a greener future.

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