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Online Assessment ToolsPre-Employment

The driver pre-employment tool is used to ensure a company employs the right type of driver who has a good knowledge, attitude and behaviour.

In addition most of us haven't seen a copy of the highway code since passing the driving test.

With current and pending road safety legislation, it is essential to raise awareness of the risks associated with driving. This product supports Road Safety Week plus road safety awareness campaigns.

The product uses a data bank of questions which currently exceeds 250 and are selected at random, to ensure individuals can not cheat the system. In addition a variable time limit is set so that users would be unable to refer to material such as the Highway code to fully answer all questions.

The number of questions can also be varied within the four sections all of which cover attitude and behaviour, driving skills, legal requirements and Highway Code.


Once you have the right type of driver you need to develop their driving skills.

Smart has been produced to assist in reducing the risks associated with driving. Driver development will increase safety when driving by developing knowledge and driving skills. The benefits will not only aid the individual driver, they will also extend to family and friends who travel as passengers.

Smart is an e-learning Safe and Fuel Efficient Driver Development product, which is an industry leading environmental initiative. The drivers vehicle fuel efficiency will be monitored then published pre and post training to quantify the benefits in terms of improved MPG and reduced Tonnes of CO2.

The system is designed for drivers who are keen to improve Safe and Fuel Efficient driving skills so they have the opportunity to put these skills in to practice. The product will be further developed to release across the wider community to assist in reducing overall Carbon Footprint from travel.

The system is an integral element of a Fleet Environmental Management System for which certification to the environmental standard ISO14001 would be classed as a major commitment towards reducing harmful emissions. The ISO14001 process will address the identification of environmental aspects (risks & opportunities) associated with activities, products and services relating to transport operations within business.

FMO Smart has been developed in conjunction with British Gas Fleet, winners of a number of Road Safety awards during 2007. British Gas now require “something new and innovative within the Fleet industry” to take future success to a higher level. The system is designed to introduce users to Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving techniques and is a learning and development package, which is currently unique within the fleet industry.