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Licences available with Fleetmaster

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The Logistics sector is at the life blood at the heart of our economy and is currently facing a national shortage of drivers, with a reported shortfall of over 50,000 professional driver. The shortage of drivers has created a high and constant demand for new LGV licence holders to begin their career as a professional driver.

Whether you are an individual with a desire to drive Large Goods Vehicles looking to start your career in logistics or an employer looking for sustainable methods to support your driver population, Fleetmaster instructors are DSA registered with the pedigree and proven track record to assist you on your journey to becoming a professional driver.

Fleetmaster work with employers on national projects to secure and train LGV drivers. This can be through organic promotion on initiatives such as Driver based Apprenticeships, Warehouse to Wheels or by offering career opportunities to drivers that have successfully achieved their licences through Fleetmaster training.

To begin your journey to becoming a professional driver you need to be at least 18 years of age and hold a full UK driving licence. For further information please contact the Fleetmaster team who will happily support you. For existing operators, Fleetmaster can support you in upskilling to progress your career allowing you to drive Category CE vehicles.

Fleetmaster offer a fully managed service to ensure the journey to achieving your licence is as stress free as possible and support you at each stage of the journey. You may be required to undertake Initial CPC as part of the process but do not worry, the Fleetmaster team can tell you if you do and provide this alongside your training.

  • Category C
    • Stage 1: Undertake a Medical Assessment
    • Stage 2: Provisional entitlement
    • Stage 3: Theory Tests
    • Stage 4: Practical Training and Test
    • Stage 5: Driver CPC
  • Category C1
  • Category C
  • Category C+E
  • Combined C & C+E